Fire Fighting Hose and IFEX Fire Extinguishing System
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IFEX 3000
Impulse Fire Extinguishing Equipment

Really Revolutionary Fire Extinguishing Technology

Feature of the "IFEX" Impulse Fire Extinguishing Technology
  • High Efficiency
  • Maximize the potential power of the Water.
  • High Velocity
  • Water droplet can penetrate into the burning materials.
  • Minimum Water usage
  • Less water can perform more efficiency.
  • No Water damage
  • Fine water droplets evaporate in a moment.
  • Stand alone
  • Portable system consists of Water tank, Air cylinder, and Impulse gun.
  • Easy maintenance
  • This system requires only Compressed air and Water.
  • Versatility for agent
  • Normally water is sufficient. Chemical agent and other additives can be used.
  • Clean
  • No damage on the Environment.
  • Safety
  • Not so harmful because of the small water droplet.

    SAKURA RUBBER Co., Ltd. is the authorized exclusive distributor of IFEX GmbH in Japan.

    Fire Fighting Hoses

    Light weight and heavy duty "SAKURA SUPER ROCKET Sigma-X" have been getting legendary confidence in Japanese Fire Fighting Scene.
    The leading Fire Fighting Hoses "SAKURA SUPER ROCKET" series.

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